Working Through

So far so good, the temps of the people at my house are at normal levels and we have not heard of anyone close to us with symptom of Covid-19.  I am an essential worker so I will get no time off, and I must continue to work through this with my colleagues within our large yet dangerously small workspace.  Good luck to all of us!

At the same time Pamela and I just lost a family best friend, Lisa Gervers Johnson, not to covid but cancer.  It was a long battle, we/she finally lost.  Our family has one less beautiful soul amongst us, helping us to carry on, and yet we are better off for having had her as such a close friend.  Her name will always have a more special place in our house, and will always be a refuge for those who knew her.


Pamela and I watched a film called Fantastic Fungi.  We were able to rent it from here with an option to purchase,

We are very interested in this mycelium consciousness.

Listening to; Philip Glass’s Here Is My Pledge from King Lear, Blue In Green by Miles Davis with McCoy Tyner, State Of Mind by ELO, Reverie by Claude Debussy,  Musical Chairs in 3/4 by The Residents, Fair Chance by Thundercat.

Day Off

Days off are for getting things done that cannot be achieved on a work day, or so say the one at this keyboard.  My guess for my mention of this concept is how far behind I am on all accounts.

Photo from Lake Nokomis, Mpls, MN.

Daily semi random music listening; Jeff Parker & The New Breed. One Earth, One People, One Love by Terry Riley and performed by Kronos Quartet.

Pamela and I just learned of world famous architect Bjarke Ingels from a new program on Netflix called Abstract: The Art of Design.

As much as Pamela and I are against a system that allows goliaths of wealth a means of eventually owning everything, we have a guilty pleasure or affection for architecture, which of course is mostly the playground of the uber wealth mongers.  So we understand if you will not stick your head down this particular rabbit hole.

This has also come to our attention,

I finally got around to watching the film “The Rum Diary”.  I liked it fine.  It’s based on a true experience, and exposes the taking over the nicest parts of Puerto Rico by wealthy white Americans.  It is also based on a novel by Hunter S. Thompson that was his second novel written in 1960’s but not published until 1998.  I believe both film and book get tepid reviews.

Quarantine Proof

This will now be a standard of modern machination.  Now that it’s here we can say it should have been already, but as we are a gambling world we pushed luck as far as it would stretch.  Now we must pick up the pieces and forge on with this new business model that includes a designation of quarantine proof.  A model that includes the ability to survive complete stoppage.  This would seem to be unattainable within the confines of a true capitalist society, and even the pretend one that we in the U.S. boast of, especially those who take most advantage of it.  This is relatively new and unexpected by mainstream people who have less observance of scientific musings.  Now that it is a real thing, and something we can expect to happen more frequently in our future, we must adhere to a new production standard that includes surviving total stoppage.

Right now I’m listening to Mum’s ‘Smell Memory’ from it’s Yesterday Was Dramatic Today is OK 20th anniversary reissue.  Kronos Quartet are also named as co-authors of this piece, although no one would be able to guess this from listening to it, I do assume it to be true.

Then comes a song of Glass Piano played by Feico Deutekom, a piece called Facades.  I share this with you a description from Orange,

Orange Mountain Music, the official channel of Philip Glass music, presents the new album MUSICAL OFFERING by pianist Feico Deutekom. This new album presents new piano arrangements of classic works by Philip Glass as well as pieces originally composed for piano by Glass himself. Performed by Feico Deutekom who has a long working relationship with Philip Glass and is one of the preeminent specialists of late-Minimalist music, this new album presents new and old music in ways it has never been heard before.  The album starts with Deutekom’s arrangement of FACADES from Philip Glass’s landmark 1982 recording Glassworks. Dreamy and romantic in its original form, when played on piano, Facades takes on a new beautiful dimension.

The photo I share was taken in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood in March 2020. I hope to keep up with this blog on a more regular basis and I also hope it becomes usual that you feel to add to it with your commenting.

Good day, week, month, year and the rest of it.

End of June

So last night Pam and I attended Walker Art Center’s Annual end of June Rock The Garden Concert featuring The National.  The night was as perfect a night one could ask for an outdoor concert, not a chill to be felt.  I might mention that possibly the band got started late and was cut off before really hitting the sort of high one might anticipate, but I feel that might be my own take, and possibly not shared.  Sound was great.  We got there later as I worked until 5:30 pm and so we arrived during a set by The Courtney Barnett Band.  I will say that the event was easily accessible and well managed which made our late entry very comfortable.

This Sunday morn I’m listening to my new release playlist which so far has produced a song called “I Am A Very Rude Person” by Thom Yorke that I liked enough without giving it full attention.  “Forever Half Mast” by Lucy Dacus catches my sideways fancy.  Erik Koskinen has a new collection called “Burning The Deal”.

I’m also going through a week of emails, deleting the many many that will go completely unread.  Then I have bills to schedule, financials to document and all of this before I can work on photographs, which has fallen away in a dead endless collection of unedited and unscene.  Summer fills every ounce of wakefulness with opportunity to collect and observe in complete comfort, and one must partake.

Let’s start over shall we?

I had an idea to start a blog more than 4 years ago and then life just went and flipped my whole situation.  I’m still a hard working person who found a profession to transition too that still includes overtime, although less than before, and an eight hour day is a rare thing that can happen, but most often does not.  We are a strange group of humans who will put up with the stress that is hard to avoid when working with other humans.  At my job a robot employee(that does not exist) is the standard by which the rest of us are evaluated.  So some of my peers who have worked there for 20 years and more are often let to know that they are woefully substandard to this future employee that someday will replace them, but is not quite ready to roll out.  So no matter how long you work for this agency you don’t get any “better” at your job, you are just a subpar human version of what will someday be all the promise of technological perfection, a robot who will work till death and without a sideways glance, thought or utterance.  This robot will not be a member of a union, and if you purposely treat it cruel just because your human and can’t help yourself, it will continue to be perfect without the hindrance of anger or happiness or anything at all.  So I will try and get this blog up and floating again, and we shall see!  Otherwise maybe I will employ a bot to make blog for me!

This Morning I was roasting peppers and plums…

Yes the air in my house is filled with the aromas of peppers roasting, banana and red bell to be exact. The black plums that are roasting on the same pan I do not smell, or if I do, I know not the smell enough to make it out. Roasting peppers is so satisfying for it’s reward of filling space with it’s wonderful promise. Fall is when the oven can be turned on again in the house, as the temperature falls the oven can be turned up. How can the end of something so sumptuous as summer be even more beautiful than spring?