Monthly Archives: May 2019

Let’s start over shall we?

I had an idea to start a blog more than 4 years ago and then life just went and flipped my whole situation.  I’m still a hard working person who found a profession to transition too that still includes overtime, although less than before, and an eight hour day is a rare thing that can happen, but most often does not.  We are a strange group of humans who will put up with the stress that is hard to avoid when working with other humans.  At my job a robot employee(that does not exist) is the standard by which the rest of us are evaluated.  So some of my peers who have worked there for 20 years and more are often let to know that they are woefully substandard to this future employee that someday will replace them, but is not quite ready to roll out.  So no matter how long you work for this agency you don’t get any “better” at your job, you are just a subpar human version of what will someday be all the promise of technological perfection, a robot who will work till death and without a sideways glance, thought or utterance.  This robot will not be a member of a union, and if you purposely treat it cruel just because your human and can’t help yourself, it will continue to be perfect without the hindrance of anger or happiness or anything at all.  So I will try and get this blog up and floating again, and we shall see!  Otherwise maybe I will employ a bot to make blog for me!