End of June

So last night Pam and I attended Walker Art Center’s Annual end of June Rock The Garden Concert featuring The National.  The night was as perfect a night one could ask for an outdoor concert, not a chill to be felt.  I might mention that possibly the band got started late and was cut off before really hitting the sort of high one might anticipate, but I feel that might be my own take, and possibly not shared.  Sound was great.  We got there later as I worked until 5:30 pm and so we arrived during a set by The Courtney Barnett Band.  I will say that the event was easily accessible and well managed which made our late entry very comfortable.

This Sunday morn I’m listening to my new release playlist which so far has produced a song called “I Am A Very Rude Person” by Thom Yorke that I liked enough without giving it full attention.  “Forever Half Mast” by Lucy Dacus catches my sideways fancy.  Erik Koskinen has a new collection called “Burning The Deal”.

I’m also going through a week of emails, deleting the many many that will go completely unread.  Then I have bills to schedule, financials to document and all of this before I can work on photographs, which has fallen away in a dead endless collection of unedited and unscene.  Summer fills every ounce of wakefulness with opportunity to collect and observe in complete comfort, and one must partake.

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