Quarantine Proof

This will now be a standard of modern machination.  Now that it’s here we can say it should have been already, but as we are a gambling world we pushed luck as far as it would stretch.  Now we must pick up the pieces and forge on with this new business model that includes a designation of quarantine proof.  A model that includes the ability to survive complete stoppage.  This would seem to be unattainable within the confines of a true capitalist society, and even the pretend one that we in the U.S. boast of, especially those who take most advantage of it.  This is relatively new and unexpected by mainstream people who have less observance of scientific musings.  Now that it is a real thing, and something we can expect to happen more frequently in our future, we must adhere to a new production standard that includes surviving total stoppage.

Right now I’m listening to Mum’s ‘Smell Memory’ from it’s Yesterday Was Dramatic Today is OK 20th anniversary reissue.  Kronos Quartet are also named as co-authors of this piece, although no one would be able to guess this from listening to it, I do assume it to be true.

Then comes a song of Glass Piano played by Feico Deutekom, a piece called Facades.  I share this with you a description from Orange Music.com,

Orange Mountain Music, the official channel of Philip Glass music, presents the new album MUSICAL OFFERING by pianist Feico Deutekom. This new album presents new piano arrangements of classic works by Philip Glass as well as pieces originally composed for piano by Glass himself. Performed by Feico Deutekom who has a long working relationship with Philip Glass and is one of the preeminent specialists of late-Minimalist music, this new album presents new and old music in ways it has never been heard before.  The album starts with Deutekom’s arrangement of FACADES from Philip Glass’s landmark 1982 recording Glassworks. Dreamy and romantic in its original form, when played on piano, Facades takes on a new beautiful dimension.

The photo I share was taken in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood in March 2020. I hope to keep up with this blog on a more regular basis and I also hope it becomes usual that you feel to add to it with your commenting.

Good day, week, month, year and the rest of it.

1 thought on “Quarantine Proof

  1. Kevin L Nichols Post author

    Other songs on my playlist shuffle do include, Bach is Dead by Residents, Don’t Ask Me by Gang of Four, Transporter by Chris Speed Trio, Daniel Boone by Pixies.


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