Day Off

Days off are for getting things done that cannot be achieved on a work day, or so say the one at this keyboard.  My guess for my mention of this concept is how far behind I am on all accounts.

Photo from Lake Nokomis, Mpls, MN.

Daily semi random music listening; Jeff Parker & The New Breed. One Earth, One People, One Love by Terry Riley and performed by Kronos Quartet.

Pamela and I just learned of world famous architect Bjarke Ingels from a new program on Netflix called Abstract: The Art of Design.

As much as Pamela and I are against a system that allows goliaths of wealth a means of eventually owning everything, we have a guilty pleasure or affection for architecture, which of course is mostly the playground of the uber wealth mongers.  So we understand if you will not stick your head down this particular rabbit hole.

This has also come to our attention,

I finally got around to watching the film “The Rum Diary”.  I liked it fine.  It’s based on a true experience, and exposes the taking over the nicest parts of Puerto Rico by wealthy white Americans.  It is also based on a novel by Hunter S. Thompson that was his second novel written in 1960’s but not published until 1998.  I believe both film and book get tepid reviews.

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