Working Through

So far so good, the temps of the people at my house are at normal levels and we have not heard of anyone close to us with symptom of Covid-19.  I am an essential worker so I will get no time off, and I must continue to work through this with my colleagues within our large yet dangerously small workspace.  Good luck to all of us!

At the same time Pamela and I just lost a family best friend, Lisa Gervers Johnson, not to covid but cancer.  It was a long battle, we/she finally lost.  Our family has one less beautiful soul amongst us, helping us to carry on, and yet we are better off for having had her as such a close friend.  Her name will always have a more special place in our house, and will always be a refuge for those who knew her.


Pamela and I watched a film called Fantastic Fungi.  We were able to rent it from here with an option to purchase,

We are very interested in this mycelium consciousness.

Listening to; Philip Glass’s Here Is My Pledge from King Lear, Blue In Green by Miles Davis with McCoy Tyner, State Of Mind by ELO, Reverie by Claude Debussy,  Musical Chairs in 3/4 by The Residents, Fair Chance by Thundercat.

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