Essential Work

My family has adopted the two storm drains on our corner, and now we are semi responsible for keeping them clean, and reporting the weight of debris we clear.

Pamela and I are watching; Who Killed Malcolm X? on Netflix.  Contains mostly photos of late 50’s early 60’s New york, but also some film footage.  Malcolm was an extraordinary brave soul, or was he a reckless revolutionary? It seems to me in retrospect that he was one of the few who dared to use truth to power.  

Making food from this book this evening,

Made the Eggplant and yogurt spread on pg. 191, and the Indonesian yellow rice on pg. 287.


Listening to; Unique Spiral by Chicago Underground Quartet, Torokh by DakhaBrakha, 2020 by Enemy Radio, Hey Debussy by Pixies, Shangri-la by EOB.

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