With a little help…

Pamela and I continued our deep dive into Malcolm X by watching the three hour Spike Lee film, Malcolm X.  Released in 1992 it’s pretty good considering how old it is, and I credit Denzel Washington’s performance as main reason this film continues to hold relevance.  You may not know who Malcolm is as our history has wiped him off the map while glorifying Martin Luther King.  New York and New Jersey remembers him with school and street names but the rest of the country has no space for him.  It was good to refamiliarize myself with many of the story’s particulars including his sad and senseless assassination in front of his wife and children at the Audubon Ballroom in NYC.

We also watched a film on Netflix called Tigertail that was a bit ok, not bad.  We also rented on Amazon the 2019 film The Current War.  This film was mostly of the point of view of Edison and Westinghouse and treated Tesla as a one trick pony with no real prospects.  It was also OK.

Listening to; Strange Wing by Chicago Underground Quartet, Circling by Donny McCaslin, Postal Lady by Atmosphere.

The photo was taken in Chicago.


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