Birthday Wishes

This my 55th revolution round the sun does occur in a dubious year, during a pandemic which has caused a shut down of my city and state, but not of my special day which is being celebrated as I type on social media.  Many persons have taken the time to send me kind wishes.  Pamela and I are going to have an extra special dinner with Olive Oil Pear Cake with walnuts (one of my very favorites) and Sweet Science Vanilla Ice Cream.  Chicken Liver Pate with sliced baguette, shrimp with cocktail sauce, and Salade Nicoise.

French Sauvignon Blanc and Chronicopia Dank West Coast Double IPA by Venn Brewing Company from South Minneapolis.

Right now we are hanging out in the kitchen listening to Become Ocean by John Luther Adams.  Earlier the song Barfly by Ray LaMontagne was softly filling the room.  The rest of our evening was accompanied by Lento, Avril 14th and East Meets West by Daniel Hope, Ping Pong by Stereolab, Don’t I know you from Somewhere? by Nico Muhly, Take 5 and Last Night You Were A Dream by Portland Cello Project, Flim and How Deep Is Your Love by Bad Plus, I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spaceship by David Bowie, Angel Share by Doveman, Hallelujah and C’est Lamoure by Jello Slave, Joppa Road by Ween, Surfer Girl by Bill Frisell, and Trizteza by Baden Powell.

Everyday can’t be a birthday and that’s because that would just be too rich!


The photo was taken in Idaho.

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