Toxic Waste

Enjoyed Intolerable Cruelty on Amazon, and followed it up with a viewing of Burn After Reading, also on Amazon.

We have also started the series Waco on Netflix.  I decided to read up on the Ruby Ridge incident from Idaho in 1992 as it happened a bit before Waco and also involved the ATF.  Both incidents very sad and rife with bad policing technique.

I have been following (many) a podcast titled Somebody that again documents awful and bad policing which seems to be a thing I like to know about.  A woman investigates the murder of her son because the Chicago police through ineptitude or cynicism and probably both, won’t.  She documents her investigations with a series of sound recordings, sometimes secretly, and with the help of some advocates that she meets on the way.  Find that here,

Listening to; 4 de Octubre by Orquesta Akokan.  Wide and Far by Pat Metheny,  Shangri-La by EOB, Time by Childish Gambino feat. Ariana Grande,  Dovetail Nicely by Bad Plus, How Much A Dollar Cost by Kendrick Lamar.

Photo taken at Nerstrand Big Woods State Park.

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