Long Weekend

So we have been taking lovely walks around Hiawatha Lake and even squeezed in the quickest picnic (was a bit chilly). Put a couple of trees on our property, other annuals and perennials.

Today we will prepare a beef heart.  I have never cooked one and figured it was high time, plus it was easily one of the cheapest options.  Happy to say that while it’s texture is a bit chewy, and taste a slight game, it’s not so bad at all and again the price is great.  Going to make it a regular, especially great on salads.

Our streaming has included After Life series and Extras series.  I finished watching The Death of Stalin.  So many films and series to watch, more than I ever knew existed.  Tonight we watched I Am Not Your Negro, a 2017 release based on an unfinished novel by James Baldwin.  We also watched Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen.

Listening to;  State of Mind by ELO,  Dinorah Dinorah by George Benson,  Mal de Mer by Pixies,  Rivers Wanted by Mogwai,  Wesley’s Theory Kendrick Lamar,  The Hum by Bedouine,  X’s Face by Prince, The Prophet is a Fool by Brad Mehldau, Future Love by Ride and reimagined by Petr Aleksander.

Photo of Lake Hiawatha.

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