Long Work Week followed by two days off

The nice thing about a rotating schedule is sometimes you get a three day weekend, and the bad thing is it gets followed by a 6 day week.  Otherwise the other 4 weeks 2 days off and 5 work days.  That 6 day stretch is a grind, especially during our busy season.  Right now with the weather so easy and the commute so fast it’s really the best it can be.

Rain rain take a break.

So I am experimenting with beef kidney and tofu today while we prepare for a vegetarian memorial gathering of souls for an outdoor social distanced Memorial Day visitation in our back yard. The beef Kidney is for my own fun, and right about now it is braising in broth and smells, interesting. Our guests are vegetarians so first I am prepping for a chopped Italian Salad, and then a farro roast pepper feta cheese salade.  It’s a bit tricky to do a proper covid social situation and we learned the basics.

We continue to explore slow roast dry rubbed ribs.

So I’m working on a Podcast that is proving to be quite the challenge.  I’ll keep you posted.

I watched part 1 of a film called No Direction Home, a documentary of career of Bob Dylan including Bob as well others supplying storytelling, all sorts of film of live performance and offstage, Still shots.  Have to admit I’m fascinated with this interesting out of control ego maniac.  I’ve known a few in my time and some times the bright burning candle is snuffed out early, but Bob just keeps giving it up like it is with little filters and seems to be fine.

Listening to; The End of The World by Reid Anderson, Dave King and Craig Taborn, Circling by Donny McCaslin and Rachel Eckroth, Teek by Kaki King, Dreamsville by Quincy Jones (his take on this Mancini Gem),  3 for L by Jeff Parker, Stare by Prince, La Mer Claude Debussey by Orchestra of De Lyon, Evening Snow by Oatmello,  Querido Alguien by Lila Downs, Murder Most Foul by Bob Dylan, The Hanging Man by Swans, Life of Joan by Steve Tibbets, I Dance Like This by David Byrne (Live), Malika (remix) McCoy Tyner, Cerisiers Roses Et Pommiers Blancs by Manu Dibango and Cuarteto Patria, The Clover Saloon by Connie Converse, The Kids Aint Alright by Enemy Radio, Modern Trolls by Mogwai, Deep Water by Brad Mehldau,

Picture at Lake Hiawatha includes Remo bomb.

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