Monthly Archives: June 2020

So Much To Sift Through

How many times in my life have I turned a cheek (in stead of challenging) when listening to white people rant a boring program of white supremacy.  Just yesterday a young man said to me “when do we get to start shooting”, as if I would share in the joy or glee of such a prospect.   The phrase “It’s baked in” comes to mind.  While I have recognized the very real prejudice and hate of many generations of my fellow white citizens, I have not put a more full effort against what I consider it’s wrongfulness.  I do sometimes try and call it out, but often I don’t. When someone presents them self to have a completely irrational belief, especially irrational hate, it can be difficult to try and reason with them, as their belief does contain some amount of threat, of violence, or even yelling and spitting.  I have witnessed it’s expression all of my life, in the 70’s it was perfectly fine and not radical at all.  It has gotten somewhat better, considered more radical, and that’s great.  Some institutions are behind and seem to be a haven for radical hate, like police unions. It’s bad enough that these hate groups ever existed, and they must end very soon.

I believe that we need a first degree murder charge, and some sort of charges for the other three officers.  Also Kroll, the horribly flawed MPLS Police Union President must come under such hellfire that it would be in his best interest to resign.  We certainly look to have a long hot summer to contemplate and discuss the many facets of making a new normal.

Planning a trip to the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge today.  Photo taken at MNWR.

Listening to; Japan The Art of Parties, Erik Friedlander’s Claws and Wings, Hail To The Real Chief by Miles Davis, St James Infirmary by The Gentleman’s Anti Temperance League, Last Stand Caravan by Enemy Radio.