Take Longer for Qualities Sake

My title of this entry is a reminder to myself that quality is something one must strive for, as it does not automatically come about it’s own accord.  I feel like my last entry was rushed and lacking.

Watched Straight Outta Compton Director’s cut last night.  Forgot how well I knew the story and songs. It’s been a minute I hear the people pretending to be hip say, so I’ll pretend to be hip too. There is a kind of immaturity to so much of what I used to be attracted too, so much so that I conveniently forget. So it was a fun watch that illuminated some of the band’s story that I didn’t know. For instance I forgot or never knew Dr. Dre was in NWA. How did I forget that?

Listening Highlights; Diamonds and Dynamite by Donna Grantis, Living On A Fault Line by ELO, Cantonese Boy by Japan, Scarcely Cricket by Goat Rodeo, Pale Face River by Molly Maher, How Much a Dollar Cost by Kendrick Lamar, Crystal Night by JG Thirlwell and Simon Steensland, Fuck The Police by NWA.

Photo by Lake Nokomis in MPLS.

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