The Source

Tonight Pamela and I are planning to watch a new film called The Planet of the Humans which is streaming for free on You Tube.   So we did indeed watch this film last night, it is a tremendous bummer on many different levels.  We knew 2020 would be a challenging year for us, but it keeps exceeding expectations.

We are making mussels for dinner.  One of our favorite things in the olden times was to go out for mussels.  We were able to sit out on our deck while we ate for first time of the year, that in itself gave us a bit of relief.

The Photo was taken at Afton State Park Beach.  Talk about death of a brand.

Birthday Wishes

This my 55th revolution round the sun does occur in a dubious year, during a pandemic which has caused a shut down of my city and state, but not of my special day which is being celebrated as I type on social media.  Many persons have taken the time to send me kind wishes.  Pamela and I are going to have an extra special dinner with Olive Oil Pear Cake with walnuts (one of my very favorites) and Sweet Science Vanilla Ice Cream.  Chicken Liver Pate with sliced baguette, shrimp with cocktail sauce, and Salade Nicoise.

French Sauvignon Blanc and Chronicopia Dank West Coast Double IPA by Venn Brewing Company from South Minneapolis.

Right now we are hanging out in the kitchen listening to Become Ocean by John Luther Adams.  Earlier the song Barfly by Ray LaMontagne was softly filling the room.  The rest of our evening was accompanied by Lento, Avril 14th and East Meets West by Daniel Hope, Ping Pong by Stereolab, Don’t I know you from Somewhere? by Nico Muhly, Take 5 and Last Night You Were A Dream by Portland Cello Project, Flim and How Deep Is Your Love by Bad Plus, I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spaceship by David Bowie, Angel Share by Doveman, Hallelujah and C’est Lamoure by Jello Slave, Joppa Road by Ween, Surfer Girl by Bill Frisell, and Trizteza by Baden Powell.

Everyday can’t be a birthday and that’s because that would just be too rich!


The photo was taken in Idaho.

Earth Day

Been Listening to EOB Album Earth, of course.

Pamela and I watched a film Hail Caesar by Cohen Bros.  Also we started a series called Cuba Libre.  We started and finished a two season (so far) series called Kominsky Method that we both enjoyed.

Pamela, Remo and I went to Afton State Park for a 2 hour stroll around the grounds, very pleasant.

Photo was taken in a park in Northeast Minneapolis.

With a little help…

Pamela and I continued our deep dive into Malcolm X by watching the three hour Spike Lee film, Malcolm X.  Released in 1992 it’s pretty good considering how old it is, and I credit Denzel Washington’s performance as main reason this film continues to hold relevance.  You may not know who Malcolm is as our history has wiped him off the map while glorifying Martin Luther King.  New York and New Jersey remembers him with school and street names but the rest of the country has no space for him.  It was good to refamiliarize myself with many of the story’s particulars including his sad and senseless assassination in front of his wife and children at the Audubon Ballroom in NYC.

We also watched a film on Netflix called Tigertail that was a bit ok, not bad.  We also rented on Amazon the 2019 film The Current War.  This film was mostly of the point of view of Edison and Westinghouse and treated Tesla as a one trick pony with no real prospects.  It was also OK.

Listening to; Strange Wing by Chicago Underground Quartet, Circling by Donny McCaslin, Postal Lady by Atmosphere.

The photo was taken in Chicago.


Essential Work

My family has adopted the two storm drains on our corner, and now we are semi responsible for keeping them clean, and reporting the weight of debris we clear.

Pamela and I are watching; Who Killed Malcolm X? on Netflix.  Contains mostly photos of late 50’s early 60’s New york, but also some film footage.  Malcolm was an extraordinary brave soul, or was he a reckless revolutionary? It seems to me in retrospect that he was one of the few who dared to use truth to power.  

Making food from this book this evening,

Made the Eggplant and yogurt spread on pg. 191, and the Indonesian yellow rice on pg. 287.


Listening to; Unique Spiral by Chicago Underground Quartet, Torokh by DakhaBrakha, 2020 by Enemy Radio, Hey Debussy by Pixies, Shangri-la by EOB.

Working Through

So far so good, the temps of the people at my house are at normal levels and we have not heard of anyone close to us with symptom of Covid-19.  I am an essential worker so I will get no time off, and I must continue to work through this with my colleagues within our large yet dangerously small workspace.  Good luck to all of us!

At the same time Pamela and I just lost a family best friend, Lisa Gervers Johnson, not to covid but cancer.  It was a long battle, we/she finally lost.  Our family has one less beautiful soul amongst us, helping us to carry on, and yet we are better off for having had her as such a close friend.  Her name will always have a more special place in our house, and will always be a refuge for those who knew her.


Pamela and I watched a film called Fantastic Fungi.  We were able to rent it from here with an option to purchase,

We are very interested in this mycelium consciousness.

Listening to; Philip Glass’s Here Is My Pledge from King Lear, Blue In Green by Miles Davis with McCoy Tyner, State Of Mind by ELO, Reverie by Claude Debussy,  Musical Chairs in 3/4 by The Residents, Fair Chance by Thundercat.

Day Off

Days off are for getting things done that cannot be achieved on a work day, or so say the one at this keyboard.  My guess for my mention of this concept is how far behind I am on all accounts.

Photo from Lake Nokomis, Mpls, MN.

Daily semi random music listening; Jeff Parker & The New Breed. One Earth, One People, One Love by Terry Riley and performed by Kronos Quartet.

Pamela and I just learned of world famous architect Bjarke Ingels from a new program on Netflix called Abstract: The Art of Design.

As much as Pamela and I are against a system that allows goliaths of wealth a means of eventually owning everything, we have a guilty pleasure or affection for architecture, which of course is mostly the playground of the uber wealth mongers.  So we understand if you will not stick your head down this particular rabbit hole.

This has also come to our attention,

I finally got around to watching the film “The Rum Diary”.  I liked it fine.  It’s based on a true experience, and exposes the taking over the nicest parts of Puerto Rico by wealthy white Americans.  It is also based on a novel by Hunter S. Thompson that was his second novel written in 1960’s but not published until 1998.  I believe both film and book get tepid reviews.